Name: Republic of Seychelles

Population: 92,000

Capital: Victoria

Language: English

Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)

Time zone: SCT (UTC+4)


La Digue Island is a steep granite island lying 52 kilometers from Mahé and 7km from Praslin. Named after one of two vessels in a French expedition from Mauritius in 1768, it is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles after Mahe, Praslin and Silhouette, with a land area of around ten square kilometers.

If you are looking for a relaxed island vibe, with beautiful beaches and just a touch of local life, La Digue fits the bill perfectly. The smallest of the three main inhabited islands, La Digue has a tiny population of just 2,000 people. With no airport, and just a handful of road vehicles, this is an extremely laid back place, with some of the most iconic beaches in the Seychelles.

It's possible to visit La Digue as a daytrip from either Mahe or Praslin, but in order to truly soak up the atmosphere and explore you may want to stay for a few days. The majority of visitors to La Digue arrive by boat at the quaint jetty at La Passé. Frequent ferries make the 25-minute crossing from Praslin.

It is a popular, unspoilt destination for people wishing for a taste of the traditional Seychelles. Nowhere else is the water more transparent or the sand so white. Because of its diversity and beautiful beaches strewn with pink granite rocks, La Digue is perhaps the most mythical island in the Seychelles.

La Digue breathes calm and serenity. For the visitor, the main mode of transport is either bicycle or by foot, but the traditional oxcart is also still very much part of the scene and associated with a certain art of living. La Digue holidays are perfect for relaxation and reflection. On La Digue times passes peacefully, but who needs to rush!

Though there are dozens of small and large islands making up the Seychelles, La Digue stands out even amid all the other beautiful places. If you were to imagine paradise on earth, it would probably closely resemble the island of La Digue. Any of the islands in the Seychelles would be a terrific place to vacation with your family or friends. On La Digue, you will get a fine mixture of both tourist activities like sightseeing and everyday sights like the local culture.

La Digue is full of beautiful landforms, with stunning rock formations that go right into the ocean. This is the only place in the Seychelles where you will find ancient granite formations sculpted by time and weather to make breathtaking landscapes. The beaches on La Digue are covered with beautiful white sand, and there are numerous coves with deserted beaches, too. Within an hour's walk, you can reach any point on the island and there are many trails leading to its hilly interior.

Since more than 1000 species of fish exist in the Seychelles, those who go snorkeling, especially among the coral reefs, can find a spectacular array of fish to watch.

The giant tortoises, despite having their population diminished, are perhaps the most notable of the land animals in the Seychelles. These animals can live well over a century and weigh over 500 pounds, and while they thrive on land, they also swim extremely well, making them suited to the landscape of which water plays such a significant part.

These creatures are dazzling in their diversity and vibrancy. With its huge assortment of wildlife, both plants and animals, the Seychelles provide a great example of the beauties of nature and make a natural destination for tourists who want to experience the wilderness up close.

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