Teaching Project

Apia - Samoa

Only 420€ per week!

Assist teachers in carrying out their responsibilities at government schools in SAMOA, the beautiful Heart of Polynesia!

You will teach children in pre-schools and primary schools in Apia and surrounding areas. You will be able to engage in activities related to language learning, basic maths, art & craft, games, sports, and share your knowledge and experience by arranging fun activities for the kids.

Community Engagement
Physical Demand

Program Description

Through this project, you can serve the local communities in Samoa by selecting one of the two projects mentioned below.

Teaching at Pre-Schools

We teach at government pre-schools which run from 09:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Friday. The children learn basic reading and writing. They learn alphabets and numbers, and play games and engage in fun-based activities to fuel their learning process. You will help students improve their English by teaching them in English and by having conversations with them so they learn to communicate.

Teaching at Schools

We will also assist at primary schools.. All the children attending the schools come from nearby communities. The schools follow the government syllabus as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, although the day-to-day management in many cases has been delegated to the community councils. Participants spend their time teaching children English and helping them develop communication skills as well as assisting teachers. They will identify students with special needs to provide them with special classes. You may also conduct and participate in activities such as singing, playing games with the children. Musical instruments are a plus – as musical classes are about singing only.

Aims & Objectives

The project aims to give children a diverse education in order to prepare them for more challenging paths in their future education.


Monday to Friday

You will be leaving for the allocated preschool/ school after having breakfast and engage in teaching activities till the afternoon. You can prepare the activities of your preference after understanding the level of understanding of children. You can even come up with new games and activities to make the learning process more interesting.

   Note:   This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

Minimum age:

Maximum age:

Minimum English level: Intermediate

CRB required: On Signup

Passport copy required: On Signup

Resume copy required: No

Required qualification: None

Additional Requirements

  • Visible piercings like rings/ studs etc. must be taken out when teaching at the placement.
  • Participants below 18 require parental consent and participants above 65 require medical clearance to take part in the program.

Additional Equipment

No specific equipment required for this program.


Samoa is arguably one of those “forgotten” countries which never fail to make a huge impact on anyone lucky enough to travel beyond the better known destinations. It’s not generally known that Samoa is in fact the Heart of Polynesia, and is very rich in its Pacific culture. Land and seascapes are absolutely stunning and diverse, ranging from true rainforests to some of the most beautiful beaches on Planet Earth. Spread over primarily 2 islands i.e. Upolu (on which the capital Apia is located), and Savaii which is larger but less populated. Black lava stone from the non-active volcanoes can be seen in many places, and 3,000 year old star mounds are blessed with mythical stories. Good tar sealed roads connect the many villages and natural sites around the main islands. Apia is also a popular fishing destination and visit to the fish market in Apia in the early morning will surely give you a unique experience! There are also many restaurants in Apia to fulfill the craving of seafood in you.

About the Accommodation

Accommodation is a standard double storey house in a residential area called Vaivase-uta in Apia. Our house has a large garden with many fruit trees, where you may sit at a table to relax and chat with their friends.

Food Arrangements

Breakfast is continental style buns, cereals as well as fresh fruits, tea and coffee. Dinner food ranges from meals cooked with fresh market produce, Island style, to Asian dishes and pastas.


A small supermarket, laundromat, ATM, sim card shop, and photocopy shops are located within walking distance.

Activities & Events

No scheduled activities outside the program.

Sights & Surroundings

There are many places of interest, including “sinkholes”, Blow holes”, waterfalls, forests, museums, fabulous beaches. Weekends may be used to explore the natural beauty of Samoa, whilst staying overnight at one of the beautiful Beach Fales (open house, watch the stars), or a beach or tree house resort. Details available at the our travel desk, and on our notice board.


From this location we do not provide free transport to other locations.

Quick Facts

Name: Independent State of Samoa

Population: 197,773 (2012)

Capital: Apia

Language: Samoan

Currency: Tala

Time zone: (UTC+13:00)

Country Information

Samoa is located south to equator and is close to Hawaii and New Zealand. The history of this beautiful country runs back to approximately around 3000 years and is still subject to study by many scientists. Samoa has been a colony under many countries, such as, Germany, New Zealand, the United States, and Britain.

The major ethnic group residing in Samoa are Samoans consisting more than 90% of the population while there are some Eurasians as well. Even though the main language of Samoa is Samoan, they utilize English in communicating too. The economy of traditional Samoa mainly depends on agriculture and fishing at the local level and at present, Samoa is dependent on development aids, agri exports and foreign remittances.

If you wish to spend some valuable time in greenery, Samoa would be one of the best places for you to visit. Especially, the people in Samoa are very simple and this would be an ideal location if you want to get rid of the modern day complexities for some time.


Samoa being a tropical country has a tropical rainforest climate and therefore, you can visit Samoa in any part of the year. The average annual high temperature of Samoa would be approx. 30 celsius whereas average low temperature would be around 23 celsius.


What is unique about the Samoan culture is that no matter how many countries have influenced Samoa by ruling, it has never forgotten to maintain its traditional customs and traditions until the present days. Even though Samoa is practising Christianity in a massive manner, the ancient beliefs still play an important role in the lives of the Samoan people.

When you visit Samoa another fact that you would notice is the simplicity. Even the houses in Samoa known as fale have no walls and are open and covered with blinds which are made using coconut palm fronds.

If you are a lover of dancing, you will also be able to witness some traditional Samoan dancing styles such as sasa and fa’ataupati. In addition, Samoa also has its unique form of tattoo which are differently used for males and females.


Food plays a vital role in Samoa and is often a social event that brings people together. Samoan food are prepared with very less oil and using traditional methods. Fish is a main part of the delicious Samoan dishes while tropical fruits and vegetables also are abundant in Samoa. Some of the must try food in Samoa would be oka which is raw fish in coconut milk and palusami which are young taro leaves baked with coconut cream.

Key Dates


Like many Western countries, Samoa also celebrates the New Year on the 01st and 02nd of January.


In April, Samoans celebrate the Good Friday as well as another three days in a row namely, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Another special day, Samoans celebrate in April is ANZAC day to honour all the Australians and New Zealanders who have died in all types of conflicts.


On the first of June, the Samoans celebrate their independence and therefore, the first two three days in June would be important holidays in Samoa.


In October or May, you will be able to witness White Sunday which is an unique celebration that is held in Samoa. On this day, parents as well as communities in general celebrate childhood while acknowledging it. You will be able to see most of the women and children wearing pure white attires on this day.


Like most of the Western countries, Samoa also celebrates Christmas. Therefore, December becomes a special month for them too. In addition, on the next day following Christmas, Samoans also celebrate the Boxing Day.


By Plane

Samoa offers charter flights between Upolu and Savai’i.

By Bus

If you want to travel around Apia, buses are a good option. Even though there is no set time for buses, you can get into a bus usually every ten minutes or so.

By Taxi

If you are planning on day tripping, taxis would also be a good option. But always make sure to ask the price prior to the journey.


Introduction Week

Village Construction

Healthcare Project

Teaching Project

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